Pastor Curt Landry: Donald Trump Once Asked Me to Anoint Mar-a-Lago in Oil July 2, 2020

Pastor Curt Landry: Donald Trump Once Asked Me to Anoint Mar-a-Lago in Oil

Right-wing pastor Curt Landry, who told people last month to avoid potential COVID-19 vaccines because they’re from the “pit of Hell” and urged people to trust Donald Trump over Dr. Anthony Fauci since God chose Trump, now says Trump asked him in 2018 to anoint Mar-a-Lago with oil.

Because that totally sounds like something Trump would say.

He made the comments during a recent interview with Charisma publisher Stephen Strang:

“I was invited to speak at Mar-a-Lago at a Trump event,” Landry recounted. “The day before I was there speaking, they asked me and a couple of pastors to come in and pray. Now, this was from the president, OK? They asked us to pray and anoint with oil the Mar-a-Lago property. So we said, ‘Sure.’ So, this is a president that understands that he’s got godly men, and he wants us to take anointing oil and pray over his property. We did that.”

There’s no way in hell Trump cares about the prayers of others or knows why some Christians believe in the power of anointing. I do believe, however, that Trump would surround himself with Christian sycophants who think he’s God’s gift to the world.

Later in the interview, Landry explained why he thought Christians needed to get more involved in politics:

“… we need to pray in and prepare good solid Christian men and women who are able to bring God’s alignment and God’s instruction into these different offices. … The government officials are all anti-Christ, they’re anti-God, and our nation is a Judeo-Christian nation, we have a Judeo-Christian Constitution. That’s why there’s forces trying to change our laws. They want to defund the police, so they can bring in Sharia law, and that’s a different religion.”

Christ, this man is crazy. Even the Muslims in office don’t want Sharia law. And changing laws is what Congress is supposed to do!

Landry is just a Christian bigot who uses fear to guilt-trip Christians into voting for the least competent option on the ballot. It’s a lot easier to manipulate gullible people when they think the alternative is unthinkable.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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