Christian Host Posts Video Showing “Demons” Around Fallen Confederate Statue July 2, 2020

Christian Host Posts Video Showing “Demons” Around Fallen Confederate Statue

Conservative Christian radio host Sheila Zilinsky, who once said the NFL was brainwashing viewers with gamma rays and once prayed to defend Donald Trump from what I can only transcribe as “hoodoo, hooloo, joodoo,” insists that demons are real and we can see them manifesting when protesters tear down statues of slaveowners and historical racists.

She can PROVE IT, too.

Just consider a recent incident involving the statue of Albert Pike, a Confederate officer and influential Freemason whose monument in Washington, D.C. was torn down last week.

In a YouTube video, Zilinsky says you can see literal demons appearing as the statue comes down — “There’s a whole lot of demons going on here, folks” — and she even circles them in the video for us.

Those are trees, Sheila. Just trees. And blurs. And nothing.

But, hey, if you want to blame “witchcraft chaos” for the protests, then you’ll find “evidence” anywhere you want to look.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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