Ralph Reed: White Evangelicals Have Been “Vindicated” for Their Support of Trump July 1, 2020

Ralph Reed: White Evangelicals Have Been “Vindicated” for Their Support of Trump

Right-wing activist and former head of the Christian Coalition Ralph Reed believes that Christians have been “vindicated” in their support of Donald Trump.

Speaking on Daystar’s “Joni Table Talk” show last week, Reed admitted Trump was a sinner — which, in Christian-speak, applies to everyone and doesn’t suggest Trump’s problems are far more consequential than everyone else’s — before talking about why white evangelicals should celebrate what Trump has done for them.

“… these tens of millions of Christians who prayed, who wrestled with Jacob, who struggled with a very difficult decision in 2016, and then 81 percent of them voted for Donald Trump, they were vindicated by what he’s done to advance the values and principles that beat in their hearts and give meaning to their souls. They were vindicated. And I for one am tired of seeing them attacked and demeaned for making the decision they made.”

Who knew evangelical values included letting more than 125,000 people die needlessly during a pandemic and sacrificing our own military to appease the Russian government…?

Whatever Reed thinks Trump has done for evangelicals — by sticking conservative judges on the courts — remember that Trump will also be an albatross around the necks of evangelicals for years to come. “Christian values” are a joke precisely because they’re now intertwined with Trumpism. And even Republicans aren’t happy with the state of the country right now.

As for Trump himself, the list of ways he’s rejected traditional evangelical ideas is long and embarrassing.

I feel like I’ve said this ad nauseam over the last four years, but it bears repeating because this has become the legacy of American evangelicals: They are not “vindicated” for their support of this president. They’ve been exposed.

As Trumpism dies, so will the respect anyone has for their faith. Whatever they believe, it’s not a virtue. We all know they’ll gleefully sacrifice their supposed values if it means short-term political gain.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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