Trump Appointee Loves “Christian Patriarchy,” Hates Pro-“Globohomo” Republicans June 30, 2020

Trump Appointee Loves “Christian Patriarchy,” Hates Pro-“Globohomo” Republicans

In yet another reminder that there are no decent supporters of Donald Trump, one of his administration’s newest hires turns out to be… exactly the sort of person you would expect.

Merritt Corrigan was recently named the “deputy White House liaison at the US Agency for International Development.” But according to CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski and Nathan McDermott, her now-hidden tweets, still alive in the Wayback Machine, reveal a slew of bigoted comments.

Many of her statements had already been uncovered earlier this month by ProPublica, but CNN found additional tweets that had not been reported.

She mocked Pete Buttigieg for thinking he’s in a “real marriage.” She denounced Republicans who support LGBTQ rights for being “morally bankrupt” and supporting “the gay agenda.”

She also said those pro-LGBTQ conservatives are “embracing globohomo.”

Which is another reason there will never be a comedy show on FOX News.

She dismissed a right-wing radio host for simply taking a photo with a drag queen:

In another tweet from October, Corrigan attacked a conservative radio host Michael Knowles for sharing a photo of himself with a drag queen.

“Right wing gatekeepers have made it abundantly clear that their allegiance is to Satan and those who carry out his agenda of appalling sexual perversion over those who question the liberal status quo,” she tweeted.

There are also plenty of anti-feminist statements, and a tweet in which she said “a Christian patriarchy is a far more dignified and respectful way of organizing society.”

There are, of course, anti-immigrant comments. And ones that are supportive of Hungarian autocrat Viktor Orban.

She’s despicable. She’s also exactly the sort of hire we’ve come to expect from a Christian Nationalist administration that will gladly sacrifice the health and well-being of Americans as long as white evangelicals maintain power.

Remember: These aren’t statements she made years and years ago. They can’t be written off as jokes. She’s never apologized for them. They’re tweets she made within the past couple of years. She believes this stuff. She and everyone who had a role in her hiring are a disgrace to decency.

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