“Evangelicals for Trump” Say, Falsely, Democrats Are a “Party of [the] Godless” June 30, 2020

“Evangelicals for Trump” Say, Falsely, Democrats Are a “Party of [the] Godless”

With a name like “Evangelicals for Trump,” it shouldn’t surprise you that the group dabbles in conspiracy theories and persecution fantasies. What’s more disturbing, though, is that the voices of that group are hardly fringe figures.

A Saturday event included Johnnie Moore, Paula White, Samuel Rodriguez — all voices of white evangelicalism — and the nephew of Mike Pence.

There are a lot of lies during that full video, but let me draw your attention to the 5:30 mark when Moore claims, falsely, that “Joe Biden and the Democrats want to prosecute people for going to church.” He’s quoting Donald Trump. They’re both lying. Not only is Biden Catholic, and not only is going to church (or choosing not to go) a matter of religious freedom, punishing people for attending church has never been part of any “liberal agenda.”

Moore isn’t the only liar. Paula White later says the election of Democrats would mean Christians “can basically kiss our churches goodbye.” She’s referring to a supposed resolution that she claims says Democrats “are the party of [the] godless.” In fact, that resolution from last August said no such thing. The Democratic National Committee simply passed a resolution acknowledging the “value, ethical soundness, and importance” of non-religious Americans. It was a statement of inclusion, not one denouncing religious people.

The foursome also condemned the closing of churches due to COVID-19… which is not a good look for anyone claiming to be “pro-life.”

A concise play-by-play of the entire conversation, should you be needing a reason to bash your head against a wall, can be found at historian John Fea‘s site.

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