Chris Kennedy, Openly Agnostic Colorado State Representative, Wins Primary June 30, 2020

Chris Kennedy, Openly Agnostic Colorado State Representative, Wins Primary

Chris Kennedy, an open agnostic who won his first race in 2016 and cruised to re-election in 2018, is officially the nominee for the Colorado State House in District 23 having run unopposed in today’s race.


According to the Freethought Equality Fund PAC, which endorsed him earlier this year:

Raised without religion in his life, Kennedy identifies as agnostic. After leaving his first career as a structural engineer, he started working on campaigns and at the Colorado State Capitol before running for office himself in 2016. Kennedy is “committed to making sure every Coloradan who works hard and does their fair share has every opportunity to succeed and build a life here. For me, that means investing in education and infrastructure, working to make health care and housing more affordable, supporting the long struggle for equal rights for everybody, and protecting our air, water, and land for the next generation.” His colleagues elected him to be the Assistant Majority Leader and he serves as Chair of the Committee on State, Veterans, and Military Affairs and is a member of the Appropriations Committee.

That’s quite an impressive record after only a few years in office.

He will face a Republican challenger, Fred Clifford, this November. Hopefully with his progressive resume and strong legislative history, it won’t be a close race, but no election is ever easy.

You can donate to Kennedy’s campaign here.

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