Christian Extremists Link Cosby, Ferguson, and “Homosexualization” of Black Kids June 28, 2020

Christian Extremists Link Cosby, Ferguson, and “Homosexualization” of Black Kids

Perhaps eager to keep up with the trend of bizarre conspiracy theories from the Right, radical anti-gay activist Scott Lively — who recently said homosexuality is a bigger sin than slavery — lamented the so-called “homosexualization” of black youth.

Somehow, Bill Cosby and the 2014 protests in Ferguson, Missouri came up as well in the comments made last Sunday during his “Breaking News Bible Study” program with co-host and pastor Richard May:

“What does that mean when you’re walking around with your pants down like that?” Lively continued. “That comes from the prisons, and what that means is you have just raped someone. That’s how you crow that you have just committed sodomy on someone and you’re demonstrating that by your pants being down there. That’s what that means, so this homosexualization of the Black youth in that way was something that no one’s really talked about at all.”

“Bill Cosby, he stood up,” Lively stated.

“I don’t know that he was guilty of what he was convicted of, frankly,” he added. “I tend to believe him in all this, but he’s in prison now. He was taken down by 30-year-old charges just before Ferguson. … They went after Bill Cosby to silence him because the media would have gone to Bill Cosby — the conservative media if nobody else — would have gone to Bill Cosby if Ferguson had taken off the way they wanted it to. … Bill Cosby paid the price of being Bill Cosby I believe, and they got him out of the way before they did Ferguson and they had planned to do Ferguson in advance.”

Good luck trying to make sense of all that (as if that’s possible). Needless to say, sagged pants isn’t code for homosexuality, Cosby allegedly assaulted dozens of women and was convicted on three counts of sexual assault, and these two guys are the last people who should be talking about every single one of these topics.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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