Robert Jeffress: Trump’s Bible Photo Op Challenged Democratic “Enemies of Faith” June 27, 2020

Robert Jeffress: Trump’s Bible Photo Op Challenged Democratic “Enemies of Faith”

During an interview last night with Lou Dobbs on FOX Business Channel, MAGA cultist and Trump sycophant Pastor Robert Jeffress used his safe space to complain about polls showing a slight decline in white evangelical support of Donald Trump, insisting that it would bounce back after Labor Day.

Jeffress also praised the tear-gas photo op in which Trump held up a random Bible outside a church he doesn’t attend.

… I want to tell you something. Yes, there’s been a little softening in evangelical support, just a little bit, but that’s temporary. When evangelicals begin focusing on this election after Labor Day, and they compare President Trump’s solid accomplishments in the pro-life, pro-religious liberty, pro-Israel, pro-conservative judiciary arenas — When they compare that to Joe Biden’s absolute commitment to undo every one of those accomplishments, I predict evangelicals will turn out by even greater numbers for President Trump than they did in 2016.

… you know the president said this week that there wasn’t anybody on FOX supporting him and what he did at St. John’s. Well, I’m here to tell you tonight, Lou, I thank God for a president like Donald Trump who was willing to go and stand in front of that church that anarchists had tried to burn to the ground 24 hours later. And he was willing to hold up a Bible and say — so to speak — “We’re not going to put up with this you-know-what anymore and we’re certainly not going to put up with it in America.”

The left wants nothing but anarchy. They are enemies of faith

Notice how Jeffress said nothing about the tear gas Trump’s team used on protesters — because he doesn’t give a damn about who gets hurt so Trump can have a photo op.

He doesn’t mention Trump’s failure to respond to COVID, and all the unnecessary deaths he’s caused, but he’s happy to pretend Trump is “pro-life.”

He doesn’t mention how plenty of people on the left are religious, including Democratic politicians, including plenty of pastors, and certainly including many voters. They don’t matter to Jeffress either.

Everyone’s an enemy to him — including other Christians who choose to care for the poor, helpless, and needy instead of the rich, powerful, and non-existent.

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