Christian Nationalists and Pastors Appear in Insane Trailer for Pro-Trump Film June 24, 2020

Christian Nationalists and Pastors Appear in Insane Trailer for Pro-Trump Film

What’s going to happen by 2024 if Donald Trump isn’t re-elected later this year?

Utter chaos and apparently the Anti-Christ, according to the right-wing talking heads and evangelical pastors in the trailer for Trump 2024, a film that’s in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign right now:

Somewhere, Diamond and Silk are livid they weren’t asked to scream into the camera for this project…

While all the comments in that trailer are just jaw-droppingly awful, take note of Trump’s spiritual adviser Paula White who claims, falsely, “You can just kill a child for any reason.” This is news to me. It’s also inaccurate and not part of any Democrat’s agenda. But White, like the other Christians in that clip, are known for lying far more than they are for spreading the message of Jesus. So there’s nothing new there.

Amazing how the world survived eight years of Barack Obama but four years of Joe Biden would apparently spell the End of Society.

(via Joe. My. God.)

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