Christian Extremists Insist Homosexuality is a Way Bigger Sin Than Slavery June 24, 2020

Christian Extremists Insist Homosexuality is a Way Bigger Sin Than Slavery

Slavery was bad.

Being gay is apparently worse.

That’s the conclusion from Scott Lively, one of the inspirations behind Uganda’s infamous “Kill the Gays” bill in 2014 which criminalized homosexuality, in some cases, with the death penalty.

He made the comment on Sunday during his “Breaking News Bible Study” program with co-host and pastor Richard May

May opened up by saying slavery was “unfortunate” but plenty of other things were worse:

“There is a perspective in all of this,” May continued. “From a biblical point of view, there are things much worse. For example, which is worse biblically: polygamy or witchcraft? Witchcraft by far.”

“Now, I’m going to hit a nerve with this one,” he continued. “Which is worse: slavery or homosexuality?”

“Homosexuality by far,” Lively replied.

“By far,” May agreed, “and I think that’s something we need to herald. I mean, come on, guys. Our priorities are all mixed up.”

The only possible silver lining here is that they’re basing their response on what’s in the Bible — God allows slavery, but God condemns men who lay with men — as opposed to their own thoughts. But to then proclaim this answer needs to be heralded suggests both men really believe this today.

It should go without saying that forced slavery isn’t even comparable to a sexual orientation you don’t choose, doesn’t hurt anyone, and isn’t bad. But Lively and May are so full of bigotry that no historical travesty holds a candle to the imaginary gay bogeyman in their mind.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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