Trump Legal Adviser: I Will NOT Back Down “If They Try to Cancel Christianity” June 23, 2020

Trump Legal Adviser: I Will NOT Back Down “If They Try to Cancel Christianity”

Donald Trump legal adviser Jenna Ellis has been roundly condemned in the past for her anti-LGBTQ rhetoric, but it turns out she’s also remarkably gullible, too.

Last night, apropos of nothing substantive (except maybe this tweet), she insisted she would not bend if anyone tried to “cancel Christianity.”

That’s a weird way to project strength you don’t have: by making up a problem that doesn’t exist, then saying you would defend it to the death. It’s like the Christian equivalent of insisting you have a really attractive girlfriend at another school, in another state, and no you cannot meet her. At some point, the defensiveness gives away the game.

In any case, as someone who would love to cancel Christianity, I assure you no one is trying to cancel Christianity. But the fear isn’t entirely coming out of nowhere. Researchers Paul A. Djupe and Ryan P. Burge found earlier this month that 22% of Americans seriously think a Democratic president would “ban the Bible“!

That’s not true. But FOX News-level paranoia and fear-mongering is very real.

If anyone is destroying Christianity, by the way, it’s Trump. He’s the guy dragging white evangelicals into the gutter by forcing them to defend his lies and corruption and racism and incompetence.

Why is it always the people with the most power who act like they have the least?

At least Twitter was helpful in responding to her faux threat.

Let this be a lesson to everyone: You, too, can become a lawyer without having to know a thing about logic or reason.

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