A Religion Class in England Asked Students if “Kiddy Fiddlers” Are in Purgatory June 20, 2020

A Religion Class in England Asked Students if “Kiddy Fiddlers” Are in Purgatory

Asking a question about what Catholics believe regarding purgatory is fair game in any religious education class.

But when a 14-year-old girl was doing her religious education homework in Leicestershire, England, she and her father were appalled by one of the multiple choice options: “A special hell for paedos/kiddy fiddlers.”

Officials at Countesthorpe Leysland Community College (which, to us, is more like a middle school) say they are investigating the matter after the father brought their attention to it:

“If it had said paedophiles, that would have been weird enough, but to use slang like paedos and kiddy fiddlers in a quiz for teenagers is just wrong,” [the unnamed father] said.

“I can’t imagine a teacher saying it in a lesson, it’s the sort of thing a kid would shout out in class, not something you expect to see on homework.

“Even if it’s an external thing, the school have still included it in the work set by them. It’s shocking, totally unacceptable and inappropriate.”

School principal Catherine Aitcheson said: “We started to investigate this as a matter of urgency as soon as we were made aware of it. It has now been removed from our online homework platform.

I wonder how many layers of people that set of answers had to go through before appearing to students. Either the teacher wrote it or he didn’t see it ahead of time. Neither answer is a good one.

(Image via BBC. Thanks to Rick for the link)

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