Preacher Denounces Vaccines, Saying Doctors Want to “Circumvent God’s Creation” June 14, 2020

Preacher Denounces Vaccines, Saying Doctors Want to “Circumvent God’s Creation”

During a sermon earlier this week, Pastor Tyler Baker of the Valiant Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida delivered a sermon all about why you shouldn’t get vaccinated.

I repeat: A New Independent Fundamentalist Baptist preacher told his congregation they should avoid vaccinations in a state where the COVID crisis is only getting worse.

A potential vaccine may be the only thing that stops the chaos at this point. And this guy is already brainwashing his congregation and telling them to avoid it by perpetuating baseless myths about how vaccines are created and by appealing to God’s wishes.

The whole sermon is here, but I made a brief cut:

I know this guy has a relatively small following, but he’s hardly an anomaly on this subject. A recent ABC News/Washington Post poll found that 27% of Americans would not get vaccinated against the virus, including 45% of “strong conservatives” and 37% of evangelicals.

Unless pastors and Republicans speak up in defense of science, more people will die. It’s that clear.

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