Robert Jeffress: If Democrats Ever Win, They Will “Bring Out the Guillotines” June 13, 2020

Robert Jeffress: If Democrats Ever Win, They Will “Bring Out the Guillotines”

During an interview with Lou Dobbs on FOX Business Channel last night, MAGA cultist and Trump sycophant Pastor Robert Jeffress was invited to complain about the entire “Defund the Police” movement. In addition to condemning it — no surprise there — Jeffress claimed that if Democrats win the presidency in November, they will chop the heads off of all their critics.

This wasn’t on the agenda I received…

Jeffress is lying, of course, because he’s Christian and he knows other Christians are even dumber and more gullible than he is.

(By the way, take note of how Jeffress pronounces “guillotines.”)

… Once the left, if they succeed, they don’t only want to dismantle our current police, they want to replace our current police with the thought police, who go around patrolling every thought that they find objectionable.

And if the left ever gains control of this country again, I predict it’s going to be like the French Revolution. It’s going to be “Bring out the guillotines, and execute every thought they object to, and every person who holds every thought that they object to.”

That is why what happens in November is so crucial. The future of our nation is at stake here.

I assure you if we go after people for their “thoughts”, Robert Jeffress will have automatic immunity.

Maybe the weirdest thing about that comment is that another right-wing Trump-loving preacher said the same thing yesterday. Anti-Semite Rick Wiles claimed Christians would be victims of beheadings if progressives got their way!

If a Jacobin revolution is turned loose on America, Christians will be beheaded.

I never thought I would say, on this program, that there is a high probability of Christians being beheaded in the United States of America. But this is precisely where we’re at in 2020. A Jacobin revolution is brewing in American cities!

Don’t you miss the good old days when you could scare white evangelicals into voting for Republicans by just bringing up the possibility of gay people getting married?

It’s almost like these conservative Christians had a group meeting and decided Friday would be the day they promote beheadings. Saturday will be firing squads. Sunday will be a gas chamber. But everyone was on the same page on Friday.

In any case, Christians won’t be beheaded after the revolution. We’re saving the guillotines for the billionaires.

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