Former Trump Hotel Staffer Sues, Saying She Was Fired for Not Working on Sundays June 13, 2020

Former Trump Hotel Staffer Sues, Saying She Was Fired for Not Working on Sundays

Sonia Perez, a housekeeper who used to work for Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas, says she was fired for refusing to work on Sundays — for religious reasons — and is now filing a lawsuit against the hotel’s parent company.

Seems about right that a company named after Trump — the guy who has bragged about what he’s done for conservative Christians throughout his first term — refused to accommodate someone’s faith when his personal money may have been affected by it.

The Christian Post explains more:

According to Bloomberg, Perez worked for the hotel from 2010 until 2015 without a problem since her schedule allowed her to take Sundays off to attend her non-denominational church.

But following the unionization of employees, her shift was changed so that she had to work Sundays. The lawsuit states that Perez refused to work on Sundays due to her “sincerely held religious belief.”

Perez maintains that she initially used “attendance points” she accrued to make up for her absences on Sundays. The complaint alleges that after Perez ran out of “attendance points,” she was fired for her Sunday absences.

It’s almost like Trump didn’t care about religious liberty until he realized he could get votes (and power) out of it. Helping Perez wasn’t worth it to him.

The good news is this may end well if you’re a fan of schadenfreude:

Last year, a jury in Florida awarded a hotel dishwasher a $21 million settlement after she claimed to have been fired for missing work on six Sundays to attend church.

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