Christian Mommy Blogger Blames Recent Protests on the “Perversion of Humanity” June 13, 2020

Christian Mommy Blogger Blames Recent Protests on the “Perversion of Humanity”

Christian blogger and professional mommy-shamer Lori Alexander (a.k.a. “The Transformed Wife”), last seen offering very bad sex advice, recently took notes after watching a sermon about the recent protests from Pastor John MacArthur.

In a post sharing what she learned, you won’t find anything about policing or systemic racism. Only that humanity is utterly depraved.

It always comes back to that, just with different wording. (I suppose we should be grateful that, for once, there’s no mention of how feminism has destroyed women.)

Call on all forces to bring the world to a halt to stop a virus. Then remove all restraint when a far more deadly virus sets out to destroy a whole nation.

Demand justice when a man’s life is taken and then applaud lawless mobs of criminals attacking the police. Put the police in a situation where they can’t act to protect property but rabble mobs are allowed to destroy it.

You can’t shop in a store but you can loot it.

You can’t work but you’re free to steal.

You can’t attend church but you can burn it down.

You can’t eat in a restaurant but you can demolish it.

She’s exaggerating how much looting is happening and how many people are involved with it. In fact, the majority of protests have been peaceful. But missing from her post is a nuanced look at what causes looting in the first place.

In an article for The Atlantic, Olga Khazan made this important point:

In this case, the root cause is yet another killing of a black man by a white police officer. To fully eliminate looting, you’d have to eliminate the conditions that make people upset enough to protest.

To put it another way, if the murder of a Black man isn’t enough to get the attention of people in power who can create change, then maybe destroying property will.

But “nuance” is not part of Alexander’s vocabulary. She continues:

And the perverted solution to this is to abolish the police, the protectors of those who do good and punishers of those who do evil. Isaiah 5:20, “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

What is wrong? How did we get here?

Criminals become heroes and the real heroes are vilified. Everything is upside down. We need the truth of the word of God.

Even many of the “Defund the Police” protesters will tell you they’re not trying to abolish all police. It’s about shifting resources away from law enforcement toward groups that can specialize in issues the police are not trained in.

In any case, we “got here” after roughly 400 years of slavery, civil rights violations, and countless other injustices against Black people. It took protests, marches, and even an entire war to make progress in those areas.

Also missing from her post is the acknowledgment that Christians have, for centuries, been guilty of perpetuating racist structures (and I say this as a believer myself). Part of making progress is acknowledging where we have failed and resolving to do better. But Alexander would probably just dismiss such people as “Not True Christians,” even though many use the Bible to justify their hate.

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