An Indian Godman Tried To Kiss the Virus Away. He Just Died of It. June 13, 2020

An Indian Godman Tried To Kiss the Virus Away. He Just Died of It.

“God will protect me” is the confident claim of most religious people. In reality, the divine protection is so imperceptible that it’s almost as if gods are figments of people’s imaginations.

Case in point, from India:

A Muslim ‘godman’ named Aslam who claimed [he could cure] coronavirus patients by kissing their hands has died of COVID-19 in Madhya Pradesh’s Nayapura district in Ratlam. …

After identifying and sending their samples for testing, the authorities [discovered that] at least 19 of his patients … tested positive for the pathogen.

Out of the 85 known coronavirus cases in the district, 19 were traced back to the COVID kisser.

Ah well. At least Aslam can’t infect people anymore. But wait:

[A]uthorities [found] at least 29 other ‘healers’ who had claimed magic treatments for coronavirus and placed them in a government quarantine facility.

In the history of humankind, how many people have died literally from believing in superstitions? Tens of millions? Hundreds of millions? Or do you reckon we’ve entered billion-plus territory yet?

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