Micah Clark: “America Is Not Racist” Because Interracial Marriages Are Going Up June 12, 2020

Micah Clark: “America Is Not Racist” Because Interracial Marriages Are Going Up

America is not racist,” says Micah Clark, a Republican who heads up the American Family Association of Indiana and is — can you believe it — white.

How does he know racism is a hoax?

Because interracial marriages “involving a black spouse” have tripled since 1980.

There’s no mention of how racists in Virginia blocked interracial marriages until the Supreme Court legalized the practice nationwide in 1967… but Clark states with no self-awareness that “Fifty years ago, only 3 percent of marriages in the U.S. were interracial.”

That’s not all! We’re also not a racist country, he says, because non-white children are often adopted by white parents! Especially when they adopt overseas!

Seriously, read this tripe and see how many words it takes before you become convinced this guy has no Black friends.

I love America and I love the study of U.S. history. I thank the Lord that in His sovereignty he blessed me by ordaining my birth here in 1967. I almost never think of myself as “white.” I do often think of myself as American. I believe that I have American privilege. I am so thankful for it. I do not buy into “white privilege.” I cannot think of a better place for anyone of any ethnic background to live that offers more freedom, more equality, and more opportunity than the U.S.

Imagine how nice it must be to go through life not being constantly reminded of your skin color… That’s a uniquely white privilege. People of color don’t have that luxury — something Clark would know if he ever dared to talk to the ones who aren’t in his conservative Christian bubble — in large part because Republicans continue making their lives worse through direct action (like voter suppression) or inaction (hello Flint). Not that Democrats are angels here, either. There’s plenty of blame to go around. But Clark would prefer pinning the blame on nobody.

It helps him sleep better at night. Then again, he probably always sleeps just fine because, unlike Breonna Taylor, he won’t have to worry about cops busting into his house in the middle of the night without a warrant.

Elsewhere in the piece, Clark admits “there are racist Americans,” and even “racist police officers,” but he makes the same mistake conservatives often do by pretending the issue is a few bad apples instead of the entire goddamn orchard. He doesn’t get how it’s not that every cop is racist; it’s that the culture of policing is inherently biased.

If the protests over the past few weeks have taught us anything, it’s that systemic racism has never gone away and that more people than ever — including a hell of a lot of young people who aren’t Black — are fed up with it. Clark, of course, describes them as mostly “young white anarchists who have infiltrated and hijacked” the concerns about George Floyd. Which means he doesn’t talk to those white people either. (Maybe he just need friends, period.)

The real irony is that the very first line in his piece says, “I am really torn about what to say about the upheaval going on in our nation.”

He could have said nothing.

He could have just listened.

Instead, he wrote out the dumbest shit he could conjure up and gave himself a pat on the back.

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