Only 27% of Americans Say Trump is Religious (But It’s Not Like He’s an Atheist) June 10, 2020

Only 27% of Americans Say Trump is Religious (But It’s Not Like He’s an Atheist)

Before the Electoral College gave Donald Trump the presidency, right-wing evangelicals were trying to convince their colleagues that he was somehow worth supporting even though nothing about Trump lived up to those Christians’ self-described values. James Dobson, the founder of Focus on the Family, went so far as to pretend Trump had accepted Jesus and was now a “baby Christian.”

He was half-right. Just not the half he intended.

In fact, a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll finds that only 27% of registered voters believe Trump is religious. (Huh. The photo ops didn’t work.)

… Among subgroups, just over a third of all Christians view the president as religious (50 percent do not), while 23 percent of Catholics and 18 percent of independents see him that way.

Evangelicals were more likely to view Trump as religious: 40 percent said they agreed that he is, while 33 percent disagreed.

Imagine how shitty your religion must be that you could look at this president and insist with pride, Yep, he’s one of us!

To be clear, he’s not an atheist, at least if actively rejecting belief in God is involved. He doesn’t think about religion, period. Atheism isn’t some default, catchall term for people who never think about theology.

Religion, to Trump, is nothing more than a marketing tool. After all, how can you care about God when you’re that narcissistic? You can’t believe in God when you think you are God. He was able to dupe enough gullible Christians into voting for him, so it’s a charade he doesn’t mind keeping up with things like pathetic photo ops and acting like he cares about his band of evangelical advisors.

So count me in with the 55% of voters who somewhat or strongly disagrees with the notion that Trump is religious. It’s not that he’s lying about his faith; it’s that he doesn’t care about religion at all. No one should misinterpret these results to suggest his non-religiosity makes him an atheist. The only way that’s true is if apathy is now synonymous with atheism. That’s lazy. There’s a difference between rejecting something and merely avoiding it.

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