Public High School Allegedly Gives Bible Booklet and Jesus Keychain to Graduates June 8, 2020

Public High School Allegedly Gives Bible Booklet and Jesus Keychain to Graduates

Sweet Christ on a keychain.

On Saturday, Reddit user OriginalSweet and some of his or her schoolmates officially graduated from a

… small rural [public] high school in a tiny town with two churches.

At the socially-distanced graduation ceremony,

As each student walked off the stage, we were handed a little gift bag. I actually laughed out loud when I got to my car and opened it. I guess this is my school’s last attempt at converting me.

Inside the bag, the lucky recipients found The Bible Promise Book, a selection of Bible verses — and I do mean selection, because of course there were none of the violent and disturbing ones. There was also a keychain with Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

The items were apparently donated by one of the town’s churches, and no school funds were used, but OriginalSweet still says that it amounts to

… a highly inappropriate gift.

And an illegal one. Public schools may not proselytize to children, nor favor any religion over another. It’s literally the highest law of the land. Even the most zealous Christians must understand that on some level; parents and administrators would surely be in high dudgeon if an atheist organization or a Satanic group put together a gift bag for students that contained, say, a booklet of Hitchens quotes, or a Baphomet figurine.

OriginalSweet isn’t comfortable sharing the name of the town and high school in question, but fully intends to make this nonsense stop. At the urging of fellow Redditors, s/he will be reporting the matter to the Freedom From Religion Foundation, whose legal team will hopefully take it from there.

(Image via Reddit)

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