Archbishop Viganò to Trump: Anti-Racism Protesters Serve “Children of Darkness” June 8, 2020

Archbishop Viganò to Trump: Anti-Racism Protesters Serve “Children of Darkness”

Should he really wear a miter, or would a tinfoil hat be more apt?

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, who was the apostolic nuncio to the United States (essentially, that’s the Vatican’s ambassador) from 2011 to 2016, pen-palled President Donald Trump over the weekend. The open letter from the retired 79-year-old conservative is beyond belief — and beyond decency.

[T]hroughout the 3-page letter, Viganò commends Trump for fighting “the deep state,” which the archbishop aligns with “the children of darkness.” … The “children of light” are “held hostage” by deep state operatives, who “often hold strategic positions in government, in politics, in the economy and in the media.”

The striplings of the dark forces have, in Viganò’s near-apocalyptic view,

…”decided to show their cards,” he says, referring to their latest attempts to disrupt society and the will of the people, as evidenced by the COVID-19 crisis and the riots that have followed George Floyd’s murder, as well as their efforts to block President Trump’s re-election in November. …

For the first time, the United States has in you a President who courageously defends the right to life, who is not ashamed to denounce the persecution of Christians throughout the world, who speaks of Jesus Christ and the right of citizens to freedom of worship. Your participation in the March for Life, and more recently your proclamation of the month of April as National Child Abuse Prevention Month, are actions that confirm which side you wish to fight on. And I dare to believe that both of us are on the same side in this battle, albeit with different weapons.”

As any conspiracy enthusiast knows, enemies are everywhere:

Just as there is a deep state, there is also a deep church that betrays its duties and forswears its proper commitments before God.” …

Viganò predicts that investigations into riots and “acts of vandalism and violence” in both the United States and in Europe following the murder of George Floyd [will] expose “those who hope to profit from the dissolution of the social order so as to build a world without freedom.”

It’s all so up-is-down demented that it defies any earnest attempts to analyze or refute it. The letter will have to stand on its own as the rantings of a doddering old man yelling at a cloud.

Despite aligning himself strenuously with the “children of light,” Viganò has come under scrutiny for betrayal, lies, and fraud. A year and a half ago, an Italian judge ordered him to pay his brother Lorenzo 2.2 million dollars. The court found that Archbishop Viganò had screwed his sibling out of a substantial part of a fortune built with the inheritance they received after their father’s death in 1961. You can read up on it here and here.

Previously, the Archbishop was perhaps best known in the United States for ambushing Pope Francis with a surprise pop-in (pope-in?) from notorious homophobe Kim Davis when Francis visited the United States in 2015. That little stunt is thought to have ended Viganò’s official career. He continues as a freelance agitator against what he sees as an unconscionably progressive Vatican culture that is being corrupted from the inside by a cabal of homosexual prelates.

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