Conservative Charlie Kirk Mocks Protesters: Racism “Doesn’t Exist” June 7, 2020

Conservative Charlie Kirk Mocks Protesters: Racism “Doesn’t Exist”

Conservative activist Charlie Kirk, half of the brain cell behind Liberty University’s “Falkirk Center for Faith and Liberty,” said on Twitter today that racism — or at least the kind of systemic racism pervasive throughout our nation’s history — is a lie. He also mocked everyone protesting against police brutality, because of course he did.

As anyone who’s been subject to racism — i.e. Not Charlie Kirk — will tell you, it’s exhausting to have to defend your own existence and self-worth to the sort of people who think blackface jokes are hilarious, take pride in Confederate monuments, and instinctively say things like “All lives matter” because they don’t understand what they’re responding to. It’s frustrating to have to explain American history to people whose career is built on distorting or ignoring it.

But Kirk of all people should know what it’s like to “dedicating your life to something that doesn’t exist”…

It must be miserable to be Charlie Kirk. It takes effort to believe something so materially false.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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