Christian Preachers Offer Costly “Master’s Class” to Teach You Power of Prophecy June 7, 2020

Christian Preachers Offer Costly “Master’s Class” to Teach You Power of Prophecy

You know it’s true: For every pop culture phenomenon, there’s bound to be a shittier Christian version of it. For every popular movie, there’s God’s Not Dead. For every theme Park, there’s Ark Encounter. For every popular song, there’s the parody version with Jesus lyrics.

And now, in response to all those MasterClass ads you’ve probably seen on Facebook, there’s a Christian version of that, too.

“Joy Apostles” Georgian and Winnie Banov are launching a “Prophetic Master’s Class” in which their instructors will teach you how to “experience the prophetic gift and minister with Holy Spirit in the flow of prophetic anointing.” Whatever that means. The Banovs have said in the past that they also offer “special anointing for the release of creative miracles including supernatural blessings for finances, land and houses.” Amazing how you can learn to have superpowers if you just pay them enough.

The six-week course is a steal at $297. (Or $397 starting Monday.) Because they are taking your money.

The non-refundable course will include homework, too.

Each week will give you assignments to dig deeper into the material we are studying together. Feel free to move at your own pace. Nothing is meant to add pressure, but we want to feed your hunger for the Word and fan the flame of God’s Spirit in you. The homework will help prompt and encourage you to better hear God’s voice.

I had no idea it was possible to do homework and get less educated…

Oh well. If you’re just overflowing with cash right now and looking for a bad way to waste your time and get nothing in return, these preachers have exactly what you’re looking for.

(via PNP News)

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