“Pro-Life” Activist: I Care More About Fetuses Than the Death of George Floyd June 6, 2020

“Pro-Life” Activist: I Care More About Fetuses Than the Death of George Floyd

Over the past week of protests against police brutality, when the Black Lives Matter movement has been front and center in the national spotlight, you would think “pro-life” activists would be all over it. People of color getting killed for no reason? Protesting that sounds right up their alley!

But of course, by and large, they don’t really care — at least not more than anyone else, which is odd given how much they talk about defending “life.” Sure, they oppose racism, but their only concern is with fetuses. If you’re a black fetus, they love you. If you’re a black person, go fend for yourself.

Is that too much of an overgeneralization?

Not at all. In fact, Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America, wrote an essay for the Christian Post arguing that anti-abortion activists should not be doing more than usual during the current protests because that would mean taking their eye off the ball.

Pro-life organizations, sometimes, are uniquely placed to respond to other human rights injustices. But if all we do is respond to other issues, we’re no longer focused on defending mothers and their children, born and preborn whatever their color or race, and we would be buying into the false argument that the “pro-life issue“ isn’t important enough to be considered on its own.

… for pro-life groups, there is this expectation, often expressed angrily and on social media, that every life lost requires our immediate action.

Right. God forbid they ever give a damn about actual human life. Especially when it’s a systemic problem that takes life after life after life.

But let’s thank her for making our argument for us. We’re right to call her tribe out for their hypocrisy. They’ll do anything in their power to save a fetus, but the second it comes out of the birth canal, they no longer care. Certainly, they oppose Democratic policies that would make it easier for people to care for children they might not otherwise want to have — things like free or affordable health care, access to birth control and contraception, early childhood education, free daycare, paying off student loan debts, etc. (Hawkins herself has argued that birth control should be illegal.)

Hawkins freely admits she’s more concerned about unborn black fetuses than police executing Black Americans for perceived minor infractions (if that).

I wake up every day with the knowledge that at least 2,600 innocent lives, majority black and brown, will be taken from us

However, I’m dismayed that some would rush to blame the pro-life movement for not doing enough. I fight injustice every day. While there is not enough time in the day and funds in the bank account to fight every injustice every day, that doesn’t mean I and the organization I lead doesn’t care about all of the other issues and injustices that affect Americans, at all stages of life.

She doesn’t care. She’s admitting she doesn’t care. She’s certainly not doing enough. And she’s encouraging the people in her organization to not care more than usual because, if they did, it would take focus off of forcing women to give birth against their will.

The Christian hypocrisy has never been more obvious.

For what it’s worth, I have seen a number of atheist organizations issuing statements against police brutality, showing solidarity with the civil rights movement, and calling for systemic reform. Individual members have been at protests and encouraging their followers to give money to those causes.

No one would ever accuse them of divided loyalties. It’s about living out their values. It’s not asking much for “pro-life” groups to use their clout to challenge Republican ignorance and call for a complete overhaul of a policing culture that leads to so much unnecessary death. But apparently that’s asking way too much of them. They’re going to stay in their lane, which apparently means ignoring the lives of anyone who actually exists — as well as the additional suffering they face due to the politicians these very “pro-life” groups help elect.

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