In Corona Ruse, a Man Took His Daughters to Be Drugged and Sexually Mutilated June 6, 2020

In Corona Ruse, a Man Took His Daughters to Be Drugged and Sexually Mutilated

There’ll be no Father of the Year Award for the dad who did this.

A man in Egypt who allegedly had female genital mutilation (FGM) carried out on his three daughters after tricking them has been charged along with the doctor who performed the procedure. The doctor went to the girls’ house after their father told them they would receive a coronavirus “vaccination,” Egypt’s prosecutor-general said. The girls, aged under 18, were drugged and the doctor cut their genitals. …

They lost consciousness and when they woke up they were shocked to find their legs bound together and a sensation of pain in their genitals,” the prosecutor said in a statement.

The girls told their mother, who is divorced from their father, … and she notified authorities.

FGM was made illegal in Egypt in 2008, subjecting the cutter to jail time. Four years ago, it also became a crime to cause a girl to be cut, which makes it possible for cops and courts to go after parents and others who present girls for FGM.

Those are excellent steps, but the practice is still widespread; some experts estimate that as much as half of all young females in Egypt undergo the barbaric and unnecessary procedure. Many African parents wrongly believe that suppressing a girl’s sexual desire through genital cutting is an Islamic requirement. The practice also exists in Asia and in Muslim immigrant communities in the West.

According to the BBC,

So far no-one has been successfully prosecuted under the law. Women’s rights groups say judges and police do not take the legislation seriously enough.

They’re not wrong. Case in point: Nada Abdel Maqsood, an Egyptian girl who was either 12 or 14, bled to death five months ago.

A forensic investigation revealed that the FGM procedure carried out on Nada was done without anesthesia and by a 70-year-old doctor who was not qualified as a surgeon,

… while her parents and aunt stood by and watched. The BBC report says that the case was a criminal matter at first, but that the prospect of a trial, let alone a conviction, has since dimmed.

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