FOX News Guest Implies Protesters Are Eager to “Attack and Dethrone God” June 6, 2020

FOX News Guest Implies Protesters Are Eager to “Attack and Dethrone God”

What are the anti-police brutality protesters trying to achieve? If you guessed “stopping police brutality,” then you must not be FOX News guest and former FBI agent Terry Turchie, who appeared on The Ingraham Angle last night to explain what’s really going on.

After comparing peaceful protesters to the anarchist Weather Underground Organization from the ’60s and ’70s, Turchie claimed the former group wanted to “attack and dethrone God” and said as much in their 1974 manifesto. Whatever the case, it has absolutely nothing to do with anything right now.

Just to be clear, there are plenty of progressive pastors and religious people protesting. They want government officials to take action now. That’s a natural problem that doesn’t require a supernatural solution. God isn’t on the agenda, period.

In any case, dethroning God is my job. Not theirs.

How would that even happen?! How “all-powerful” can God be if he’s on the verge of getting defeated by a bunch of peaceful protesters wearing face masks?

Turchie never explained. He just skipped ahead to a different topic, ignoring the elephant in the room. But that item’s inclusion on the list has become an online joke over the past several hours, representing the absurd lengths FOX News will go to instill fear in its paranoid, gullible viewers.

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