More Students Are Expelled Over Racist Misconduct, and a Professor Resigns June 5, 2020

More Students Are Expelled Over Racist Misconduct, and a Professor Resigns

The 18-year-old Christian girl TG whose university admission was rescinded after she posted a racist rant (here’s Hemant‘s piece about her; here’s mine) has more and more company.

Via Diverse Education:

The University of South Carolina expelled a student responsible for a racist social media post and Marquette University withdrew an admission offer to a student for the same reason. … At Missouri State University, two incoming students who also made racially inflammatory posts withdrew from the university, even though university president Clif Smart decided he wouldn’t rescind their offers of admission. In South Carolina, the College of Charleston rescinded an offer of admission to a student who wrote a racist social media post, the institution said in a statement.

That’s five students, not counting TG. Others may follow:

Temple University has “reported” a student to concerned authorities for a racist video. At The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina, authorities are investigating a racist comment posted by a student.

The incoming Marquette freshman wrote

“Some ppl think it’s ok to (expletive) kneel during the national anthem so it’s ok to kneel on someone’s head. come at me. y’all brainwashed.”

The U of SC student was kicked out for a social media post that called black people “gorillas”

… and saying someone should “shoot them” because they are destroying downtown Charleston.

The incoming students at Missouri State were told to look for education elsewhere after they posted a video

… in which one of them kneels near the neck of the other pushing down on her head. Both are laughing and the video is captioned “Aw ging can’t breathe.”

The teenagers-are-dumb defense certainly can’t be applied to professor Scott Senjo of Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. He was told to pack his bags (the university says he left of his own will) after a surreal tweet about the protests after George Floyd‘s killing.

[Senjo’s] tweet to a Wall Street Journal reporter over the weekend caught the eyes of many people. The reporter tweeted “I lost my glasses and my ankle is in searing pain after NYPD hit me in the face multiple times with riot shields and pushed me to the ground. I was backing away as a request, with my hands up. My NYPD-issued press badge was clearly visible. I’m just sitting here crying. This sucks.”

Senjo replied to the thread stating: “Excellent. If I was the cop, you wouldn’t be able to tweet.

Guess what Senjo taught. Criminal justice. I’m not kidding.


Funniest comment in yesterday’s thread about TG, the girl who’d written about Floyd that “everyone needs to just stfu about this guy who died”:

I wonder how he’d feel if we said this about Jesus?

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