Right-Wing Evangelicals Condemn Pastor for Mildly Criticizing Trump’s Racism June 4, 2020

Right-Wing Evangelicals Condemn Pastor for Mildly Criticizing Trump’s Racism

When the Electoral College put Donald Trump in office, he quickly assembled a group of evangelical Christian advisors that included Pastor Jentezen Franklin of Georgia. Franklin issued a rebuke of the “white racist” march in Charlottesville in 2017, saying “This is what hatred and sin looks like,” but he remained on Trump’s team.

And last week, Franklin defended the protests against police brutality, mildly criticizing Trump’s “When the looting starts, the shooting starts” tweet. It really was mild criticism. All he said was that he does “not agree” with it, before defending the spirit of the idea.

In any case, it was enough to set off right-wing pundits Mark Taylor and Chris McDonald, who couldn’t believe Franklin would say anything critical at all.

You don’t attack one another publicly if he’s in that foxhole with you,” Taylor said. “[Franklin] was basically condemning the insensitive tweet that the president put out about shooting and looting and I’m thinking to myself, ‘Well, he just exposed himself.’ If you’re on the president’s spiritual advisory board, why would you ever, ever go public with that garbage?”

“It’s also like you see these guys laying hands on the president, praying for him, but at the same time sliding a knife in his back,” Taylor added. “Why would you claim to be in a foxhole with someone, and when the shooting starts, they don’t shoot the enemy, they shoot you.”

“It’s disgusting,” McDonald agreed. “[You] don’t condemn the lawlessness, Jentezen, but you condemn the president for trying to stop the lawlessness? That’s the spirit of Antichrist, Mark. That’s nothing but the spirit of Antichrist.”

Amazing how there are nationwide protests against police brutality, in the memory of the Black lives that have been taken from us, and yet these guys still think Trump is the victim.

It’s also bizarre to hear Taylor and McDonald make the argument that one of Trump’s “spiritual advisors” should “never, ever go public” with something like this. If you actually care about someone’s growth and development as a human (however weak it may be), then why wouldn’t you offer critique — especially if you’re a spiritual advisor?

It’s rather telling how many evangelicals refuse any sort of correction or rebuke for bad behavior. It sends the message that they consider themselves above the law, as well as above morality. It’s a far departure from their supposed savior, who often preached humility.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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