Arizona Christian U. Rescinds Admission and Scholarship from Racist Teen Girl June 3, 2020

Arizona Christian U. Rescinds Admission and Scholarship from Racist Teen Girl

A Christian school in Glendale, Arizona has rescinded an athletic scholarship and admission to a racist girl who posted racist thoughts on her racist social media page.

The student in question — I don’t feel like further shaming her here — posted this in response to the protests against police brutality in the wake of George Floyd‘s murder:

Honestly everyone needs to just stfu about this guy who died. Follow the damn law and there wouldn’t be issues. If you don’t agree with me I don’t give a fuck bc whatever you say won’t change my mind. He’s wasn’t innocent he was doing something ILLEGAL. My favorite cop will always be Brandenburg end of story. Also trump 2020. Might as well piss everyone off 🙂

That student had previously bragged on Facebook that she would be attending Arizona Christian University on an athletic scholarship; she was going to compete on their acrobatic and tumbling team. But after her racist post, plenty of people online asked ACU if this was the type of student they really wanted on campus.

Turns out the answer is no. ACU has now posted this statement online:

Arizona Christian University is a racially diverse community of Christians who believe that through Jesus Christ there is unity. ACU believes all people are created in the image of God, and stands against discrimination and unjust treatment of anyone based on race.

Yesterday afternoon we became aware that a prospective student posted public comments that are offensive, hurtful and violate the standards of our community. After an internal investigation confirmed these facts, this prospective student’s scholarship offer and offer of admission were immediately rescinded. This student, who lives out of state, had never attended class at ACU or been part of our community, but we are praying for her.

We are committed to teaching our students about God’s love, and His command that we love one another. During these challenging times, we pray for justice, we pray for peace and we pray for healing for our nation.

The school’s Acro and Tumbling program issued its own statement:

The school did the right thing. There’s no good reason to knowingly admit and reward a racist. The action was swift and it only occurred after they conducted their own investigation — it wasn’t just based on hearsay complaints from outsiders. I don’t know what else anyone could ask for from them.

The student will eventually be fine. I’m sure Jerry Falwell, Jr. is already figuring out if he can offer her a full ride to Liberty University.

Remember: The student, like everyone, has freedom of speech. She doesn’t have freedom from consequences. She brought this upon herself.

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