Chaplain: COVID-19 Is Punishment for Speaking “Boastfully/Proudly” of Abortions June 2, 2020

Chaplain: COVID-19 Is Punishment for Speaking “Boastfully/Proudly” of Abortions

Father Anthony Kazarnowicz, a Fort Bragg-based Catholic chaplain, thinks he might know why God has been busy smiting people with COVID-19.

Contradicting fellow believers who think YHWH is mad about gay people kissing or that the virus is a “soldier of Allah” fighting the decadent West, Kazarnowicz says abortion is God’s motive. Our pride and boastfulness in killing unborn children has angered the Lord.

He writes:

Out of one side of our mouths, we pray to God to bring an end to the deaths of innocent, helpless human beings from COVID-19. Out of the other side of our mouths, we speak boastfully/proudly of killing millions of innocent, helpless human beings by abortion. Do we not see our hypocrisy? If we stubbornly refuse to stop killing innocent, helpless unborn babies, why should God answer our prayers and stop COVID-19 from killing us?

He’s confusing women who celebrate their right to choose with praise for the procedure itself.

People who favor reproductive choice don’t celebrate “murder.” They just recognize that, quite apart from the issue of bodily autonomy, forcing pregnant women to have babies increases social ills like under-education, abuse, and poverty. They also understand that if abortion were banned, women everywhere would be at risk. Supply and demand will always find a way, so we’d all go back to the not-so-halcyon days of home-made abortifacients, quack abortion methods, and back-alley providers.

But it’s a given that people of faith have a hard time seeing reality, so I’m afraid we’ll have to keep pointing out the simple facts above for a few more decades or (please God no) centuries.

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