Christian Preacher: The “Anti-Christ… Non-Religious” Party Mustn’t Win in 2020 May 29, 2020

Christian Preacher: The “Anti-Christ… Non-Religious” Party Mustn’t Win in 2020

Nebraska preacher Hank Kunneman must sense the growing displeasure with Donald Trump from within his own party, especially after his disastrous handling of the coronavirus.

But Kunneman recently implored his online congregation to not let the “anti-Christ party” defeat Trump in November:

“Are you willing to vote?” Kunneman asked his viewers. “Are you going to leave God alone and let the anti-Christ, the party of the non-religious who murder babies and think it’s OK, and they don’t care if churches open up — in fact, they’ve tried every angle they could to use the virus to do it … [they] want to push God out of our society, push God out of our schools, push God out of the mindsets and the theologies of our schools and our universities.”

“You cannot tell me when a president stands up and says, ‘We need more prayer in our churches, prayer is a good thing.’ When a president a month ago calls the nation to pray to the Almighty God, not to a defeated entity, but to the very God that this nation was dedicated to, Jesus Christ, Yeshua, you invoke the blessing of God, you invoke the mercy of God. When a president on Friday says, ‘It’s time for the churches to open,’” Kunneman said. “Something is about to shift to where we are going to see God’s hand and God’s power in a way that we have not seen before, that is going to outweigh what we have had to see over the last few months.”

Never mind that most Democrats are Christians, and that Democrats’ social policies prevent more abortions than Republican ones. It’s also not very “pro-life” to expose vulnerable people to a virus that can kill them.

It’s also appalling that a pastor is using his pulpit to tell people how to vote, a direct violation of IRS rules, but right-wing Christians have long been aware they can get away with that and cry persecution if they’re even held to the same standards as everybody else.

Still, Trump wants churches to open up before the CDC recommends it’s safe to do so. He doesn’t care. He wants his base to think he’s on their side even if the end result is that more of those voters end up sick or dead. His ego is more important than their health.

And some pastors are more than happy to accommodate his whims in the name of Jesus.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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