NM Commissioner and Ex-Street Preacher Says the Only Good Democrat Is a Dead One May 26, 2020

NM Commissioner and Ex-Street Preacher Says the Only Good Democrat Is a Dead One

Aw. Cute.

[Couy] Griffin used to be a street preacher with a style all his own. Two animals, a horse named Daisy and a miniature mule called Black Jack helped Griffin publicize his tours.

Cowboy gallops for God,” read a headline in an Indiana newspaper. Another in Ohio said, “Preacher spreads the good word on horseback.”

Griffin drew an audience by riding Daisy on city streets. His little mule tagged along, carrying copies of the Book of John.

These days, Griffin still proclaims his love of the Lord, but in more startling ways — by accusing the godless, plus other perceived enemies such as Robert Mueller, of treason “punishable by death”; or by saying at a public meeting recently that “the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.” That was a bit surprising coming from an Otero County, New Mexico commissioner who is supposed to serve people of all political stripes equally.

Reports the Alamogordo Daily News:

I’ve come to the conclusion that the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat,” [Griffin] said to a crowd gathered in Sierra County. He clarified moments later that he meant a political death — as opposed to a physical death — but his prior statements received cheers from the crowd before the clarification.

The location of his speech was noteworthy:

Griffin spoke at a Cowboys for Trump rally [a group he founded, TF] held at New Hope Revival Church in Truth or Consequences.

Maybe someone could remind the church authorities that political partisanship will endanger their tax-advantaged status? Not that they seem to care about the rules all that much:

The church received a cease-and-desist order from New Mexico State Police for violating state-mandated health safety orders limiting the number of people who could gather.

As for Griffin, he has a past of violent bluster. Last month, he posted a news article about Virginia’s Democratic governor Ralph Northam to the Cowboys for Trumps Facebook page, with the comment

“Virginia I’m coming your way. And I got a rope on my saddle if you think we may need it?

And in a video of himself that he tweeted in late April, he says of politicians on the left

“They’re gonna milk this coronavirus deal as long as they possibly can.. Maybe they’re doing it because some of them might be guilty of treason, and treason’s a hanging offense.”

Various Democratic leaders in New Mexico have called on Griffin to resign. The commissioner refuses because, he says, he’s done nothing wrong and shouldn’t be punished for speaking his mind. He will depart politics, he added, if someone gives him a valid reason.

(Screenshot via YouTube. Thanks to Alonso for the link)

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