Teacher at GA Baptist Academy Lied About Robbery to Hide Same-Sex Solicitation May 23, 2020

Teacher at GA Baptist Academy Lied About Robbery to Hide Same-Sex Solicitation

Oh, what a tangled web we weave.

In Macon, Georgia, a man is under arrest after lying about the circumstances of a robbery that he was a victim of. 13WMAZ pieced together the story, revealing that Chris Keys, a teacher at a private Christian school, recently told relatives and others that he’d been kidnapped at gunpoint from a CVS parking lot, taken to a local motel room, and robbed of $70 and his cell phone.

It’s a weird story on its face. Why would the criminals take him to a second location if they were only going to steal his stuff? Couldn’t they have robbed him in their vehicle, then kicked him out?

When cops heard of the tale and investigated, soon the truth emerged.

Sgt. Linda Howard with the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office says nobody was robbed or carjacked at that CVS. Howard said Keys went to the Regency Inn motel on Eisenhower Parkway to solicit prostitution, and that’s how he was robbed.

Keys had answered a Craigslist ad for a same-sex encounter, arranged for the paid tryst to take place at the motel, and got robbed by the guy or guys he thought he was going to party with.

According to the incident report, Keys told the deputy he liked to play around and was married to a woman … The [police] report says the victim told the deputy that he was going to tell his family he was kidnapped and brought to the motel. … [O]n Thursday evening, the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office said Keys had been arrested and charged with solicitation of sodomy.

I think that’s a regrettable outcome. It shouldn’t be any of the state’s business who citizens have consensual sex with. Unless there’s violence or coercion involved, or an underage participant, sex work is literally a victimless crime.

And whether Keys cheated on his wife is between him and her. If he’s been a closeted gay or bisexual man his entire adult life, my feelings tend toward sympathy for both, not condemnation of Keys.

It would be different if, in his capacity as a teacher, he’s been hypocritically telling his Christian charges that same-sex relationships are of the devil. Which, considering that he works for a Baptist school, isn’t that far-fetched.

Here’s something salient about his place of unemployment. The Tattnall Square school was chartered by the Tattnall Square Baptist Church as a segregation academy. That is, half a century ago, it was set up for the express purpose of helping white parents avoid having to send their kids to desegregated public schools.

That’s a lot more fucked than Keys ever got.

(Screenshot via YouTube. Thanks to Drew for the link)

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