Trump Praises “Good Bloodlines” of Anti-Semite and Nazi Collaborator Henry Ford May 22, 2020

Trump Praises “Good Bloodlines” of Anti-Semite and Nazi Collaborator Henry Ford

Visiting a Ford plant in Michigan Donald Trump praised the “good bloodlines” of the famously anti-Semitic founder, Henry Ford:

“The company founded by a man named Henry Ford,” Trump said. “Good blood lines, good blood lines, if you believe in that stuff, you’ve got good blood.”

During World War II, Ford’s company collaborated with the Nazi regime by producing vehicles for them, along with General Motors.

Ford also published anti-Semitic writings, such as in 1918 when he ran a series of articles in four volumes on “The International Jew.”

The CEO of the Anti-Defamation League wasn’t having any of it:

It’s hard to know what excuse is more disturbing: That Trump had no clue what he was talking about because he’s just that ignorant, or that Trump knew exactly what he was saying. In a better country, we wouldn’t have to hope our president is just too dumb to understand the words coming out of his mouth. Give his history of racist statements, it’s not like Trump deserves the benefit of the doubt.

The fact that Trump has a Jewish daughter and son-in-law — which some people have used in his defense — is irrelevant, the same way it’s irrelevant when a racist white person claims to have black friends.

Cognitive dissonance is a powerful drug.

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