Mark Taylor: We Must Have Faith in God That Obama Will Be Executed for Treason May 21, 2020

Mark Taylor: We Must Have Faith in God That Obama Will Be Executed for Treason

Christian Right activist Mark Taylor has never been good at making prophecies, including the recent debacle where he insists Republicans won the 2018 midterms (when, in fact, they were crushed), but he’s still holding out hope that former president Barack Obama will soon be executed for treason.

Because God said so.

Appearing [Monday] night on “The MC Files” program, Taylor said right-wing activists need to have enough faith in President Donald Trump and “the Q movement” so that “when something like this happens, we don’t hit the panic button.”

“Obama is finished. Biden is finished. They’re all finished. They’re all going to go to prison,” Taylor continued. “Some will be executed. The DOJ is not going to be investigating or even prosecuting at this point because it’s out of their hands, it’s out of their jurisdiction, it becomes now the military … The fact remains is that God said this stuff was going to happen. We need to have the faith that it’s going to happen.

Nothing says “pro-life” quite like a Christian activist praying to God for the execution of his enemies.

There are plenty of reasons to critique the Obama presidency, but it’s ironic that Taylor is so passionate about seeing justice for treason when the current president was impeached for essentially selling out the country for personal gain. And if you think that’s just Democrats playing politics, and you want actual evidence of Trump betraying the nation, then just look at [gestures wildly in all directions].

These conspiracy theorists will never be satisfied because their obsessions aren’t based in reality. There’s always more persecution to claim.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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