Pastor Who Claimed to Cure COVID By Laying On of Hands Dies of COVID May 19, 2020

Pastor Who Claimed to Cure COVID By Laying On of Hands Dies of COVID

A popular Cameroon “prophet” who claimed he could cure COVID-19 has died of the disease, Voice of America reports. Frankline Ndifor (below), a presidential candidate in the country’s most recent elections, delayed getting medical treatment after developing symptoms consistent with coronavirus infection.

Doctor Gaelle Nnanga said … that Ndifor died less than a week after being diagnosed with COVID-19. He says that some members of Ndifor’s Kingship International Ministries Church called him to come to the pastor’s aid when they found out Ndifor was in agony, and that when the medical team he leads arrived, Ndifor was having severe respiratory difficulties.

Despite medical intervention, the holy man joined the choir invisible that same day.

A follower of Ndifor’s, Rigobert Che, is alarmed:

This is a pastor that’s been laying hands [on the sick],” Che said. … “Now that he’s dead, I do not know how the people that he was laying hands on will be healed.”

Other Ndifor fans claimed that, actually, their prophet died of a stomach ailment; while the most optimistic believers contended that with lots of prayer, they could raise their pastor from the dead. (And why not? The ability of fervent believers to bring corpses back to life is the amazing promise of Matthew 10:8.)

Hundreds of followers sang Sunday morning at Ndifor’s Douala residence that the man popularly referred to as the prophet is not dead, but he is rather on a spiritual retreat with God and will return soon.

He isn’t dead. He’s resting. He’s pining for the fjords. He’s tired and shagged out after a long squawk.

It can’t possibly get any crazier than th–

The governor of Cameroon’s coastal region … said in a release he deployed police to force their way to Ndifor’s residence when his followers chased medical staff away, claiming that the pastor was on a spiritual retreat with God, rather than dead, and should not be buried.

Religion poisons everything. On the other hand, it provides grim amusement in absolute spades.

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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