Multiple Priests Come Down With Corona in Houston Church That Reopened Recently May 19, 2020

Multiple Priests Come Down With Corona in Houston Church That Reopened Recently

We’ve heard about the reopening of churches, but what about re-closing them? Our religious friends can do both. Round and round the cycle goes.

A Catholic church in the Houston area is closed again after three priests tested positive for COVID-19.

According to Holy Ghost Catholic Church, they recently learned three members of the Redemptorists community living and working at Holy Ghost Parish have tested positive for the coronavirus.

That news report is already moot, or it was inaccurate to begin with. According to a statement by the church, five of the seven remaining members of the community in question have the virus. I say “remaining” because Father Donnell Kirchner, a senior priest, died of apparent “pneumonia” last Wednesday.

The church, which reopened on May 2, has canceled all services until further notice, admitting that two now-infected priests

“…had been active in celebrating public Masses at Holy Ghost.”

On May 3 and May 10, both Sundays, there were in excess of 180 people inside the 900-capacity church.

“If anyone has attended Masses in person at Holy Ghost Church since the reopening, we strongly encourage you to monitor your health for any symptoms and be tested for COVID-19, as a precautionary measure.”

The padres added that they would gladly take care of all medical costs, from testing to any necessary post-hospital treatments.

Ha. I kid. They told their congregants to seek out free COVID testing, at taxpayers’ expense.

“There are a number of free COVID-19 testing sites in our community. For a list of testing sites, please call the City of Houston Health Department … or visit”

Do you think the Catholic Church will reimburse parishioners for COVID-related hospital bills that can easily run into six figures per person? If so, your faith is bigger than mine.

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