Christian Pastor: I Won’t Obey Health Orders Until They “Sell Popsicles in Hell” May 15, 2020

Christian Pastor: I Won’t Obey Health Orders Until They “Sell Popsicles in Hell”

Since being placed under house arrest a few weeks ago, Pastor Tony Spell of Louisiana’s Life Tabernacle Church has continued holding in-person church gatherings, putting countless people in harm’s way. He’s also called on supporters to send him portions of their stimulus checks.

Earlier this week, he sued the governor so he could do all the things he’s currently doing illegally.

In a video released yesterday, however, Spell claims he’s had a “change of heart” and that he’ll comply with the governor’s orders to take safety precautions for all in-person gatherings.

I’m just kidding.

This moron said he won’t obey the sensible instructions to hold church services outdoors and limit attendance to 25% of capacity until they “sell popsicles in Hell and set up an ice skating rink in the Lake of Fire and sell tickets for admission.”

We will never comply with any anti-God, anti-church, anti-free American Christian order that says “Do not have church.”

He’s lying because he’s a Christian pastor who thinks his title grants him authority.

No one said he couldn’t have church. He can livestream his services — as many pastors have done. He can follow the orders and have smaller outdoor services. He’s angry because he can’t have everything he wants and he believes laws shouldn’t apply to Christians like himself.

Spell went on to say he would have overflow attendance at future services, including people coming from out-of-state. Which is to say: He’s going to create an environment where the virus can spread more rapidly and kill off more people. It’s the Christian Way.

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