This Scary Video Has the “Jesus Camp” Lady Promoting Kids Speaking in Tongues May 14, 2020

This Scary Video Has the “Jesus Camp” Lady Promoting Kids Speaking in Tongues

Well, this is disturbing. Becky Fisher, the Christian preacher best known for her role in the terrifying 2006 documentary Jesus Camp, runs a ministry for children where she brainwashes them into thinking they have supernatural powers.

She’s participating in an event tonight called — no joke — #TheGroan. A promotional video for it shows Fisher speaking Christian gibberish while a bunch of children appear to repeat what she’s doing. This is supposed to endear us to God, I guess.

I feel like I need to repeat this: It’s a video promoting the event, not mocking it.

This week, on her own YouTube channel, she promoted a similar kind of brainwashing:

Street kids being trained to do signs, wonders and miracles?? YES! Missing fingers and ears growing out. Cataracts instantly disappearing. Deformed ribs moving back into the correct position. Deaf mutes shouting the name of Jesus. Warlocks delivered and set free! People jumping out of wheelchairs and the list goes on and on!

And all of these were done at the hands of YOUNG CHILDREN in Argentina and El Salvador who were not raised in the church, but were trained to love Jesus and believe He could do ANYTHING!

Amazing how someone who’s constantly in front of the camera never seems to have one around when these “miracles” occur…

If there’s any silver lining, it’s that some of the kids she controls eventually grow out of her brand of Christianity. One of the kids who appeared in the documentary grew up to tell a reporter in 2016 that Fisher was “a terrible fucking person who is fueled by the spiritual suffering of other people.”

So there’s hope!

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