Adorable Toddler Sings a Song of Praise on YouTube. Pardon Me For Disliking It. May 13, 2020

Adorable Toddler Sings a Song of Praise on YouTube. Pardon Me For Disliking It.

Only fools say in their hearts, I shall hit ‘dislike’ on this YouTube video of three-year-old Filipina Sophia Siban praising the Lord.

There are 286 dislikes for the video as I write this, and I readily admit that one of them is mine.

Don’t get me wrong. Sophia is adorable. She has vocal talents that certainly outshine those of most kids her age. I’m guessing she’s quite bright. I fault her neither for the mawkish, saccharine-laden lyrics, nor for the video’s weird white balance that makes her skin appear the color of Barney‘s.

I simply have a question for the more than 1,700 commenters who love love love the sight and sound of Sophia singing her praise — her parents’ praise, really — to God Almighty. What would you say if she sang about something else? Something that’s anathema to your belief system?

What if Sophia, all of three years old, sang the Internationale, the socialist anthem?

What if she sang the song in the video, but with lyrics about the joys of godlessness?

What if she sang a rousing tune about LGBTQ rights?

What if she sang about an Omnipotent Lord for whom she can’t wait to sacrifice her soul — and the deity in question was Allah?

What if she sang “We Cannot Live Without You Father,” and that father turned out to be Kim Jong-un?

What if, in dulcet tones, she sang in German about her love of the Fatherland and its god-like leader?

Would that be OK? Or would you express shock in that case, and maybe use words like brainwashing and indoctrination?

Then you know how I feel, and why I can’t bring myself to like Sophia’s video, no matter how endearing she is.

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P.S.: Can it get worse? Yes. Yes it can.

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