Christian Activist: I Cured a Woman’s Tinnitus By Removing a Cactus on Her Head May 12, 2020

Christian Activist: I Cured a Woman’s Tinnitus By Removing a Cactus on Her Head

Dave Hayes, a Christian activist known as the “Praying Medic,” has previously said God put gold dust on his hands, that God and Satan both speak to us but with different voices, and that his follower’s prayers healed someone’s stage 4 cancer.

You won’t be surprised to learn he’s also a “decoder” of “Q,” a.k.a. QAnon, a right-wing conspiracy theory.

Over the weekend, Hayes offered up another weird religious story: He claimed he once healed a woman whose ear was ringing… by pulling a cactus branch out of her head. Spiritually. You can see it around the 16:00 mark here.

… I was praying for a woman. “Praying.” I was “praying” for a woman down in Tucson. I was teaching on healing, and after I got done with my lesson, this woman wanted to be healed of migraines. It was… oh, Tinnitus is what it was. She had really bad ringing in her ears. She had it for a long time. She had received a lot of prayer and nothing changed.

And so I closed my eyes and what the Holy Spirit showed me was, He showed me something sitting on top of her head, it looked like the branch of a cactus was stuck on top of her head.

Now what do you do when the Holy Spirit shows you, like, a branch of… it was like one of those big teddy bear cholla. You live in Arizona, you know what teddy bear cholla is. Well, it looked like one of those things stuck on her head. I said, Well that doesn’t look like it should be there.

So I did a prophetic act. I simply reached out and I took that thing in the spirit. I just kinda reached out toward it and took it off of her head, and she had an incredible sensation of cold air rushing into her head. And she [underwent] a rather dramatic change…

Totally normal behavior. Just a self-proclaimed healer claiming there’s an invisible cactus on top of someone’s head that causes her ears to keep ringing and he was able to get rid of it. As one does.

That video, by the way, has been viewed over 21,000 times as of this writing. They can’t all be watching it ironically.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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