Jim Bakker Ministry COO: Credit Card Companies Are Taking “God’s Money” From Us May 11, 2020

Jim Bakker Ministry COO: Credit Card Companies Are Taking “God’s Money” From Us

Televangelist Jim Bakker is currently taking time off from his show to recuperate from a stroke, and it’s happening while his ministry is under fire for hawking a false COVID-19 cure. In fact, Bakker said last month that major credit card companies had stopped processing orders on his website because of all his scams. (He encouraged viewers to send him checks instead.)

That doesn’t mean he’s just disappearing though. Earlier this month, his attorney filed paperwork in court saying Bakker was just exercising his religious freedom by selling Silver Solution. Included in that filing was a declaration from Maricela Woodall, the president of Bakker’s ministry Morningside Church Productions, in which she argued selling the product was an act of Christianity:

Our sincerely-held religious beliefs require us to encourage our partners to prepare spiritually, mentally, and physically for the second-corning of Christ, and assist them in doing so by bringing experts to our broadcasts to teach how to accomplish this goal. An integral part of this expressive ministry and practice, as well as the doctrinal teachings of our religion, includes educating our partners concerning, and offer them, products, including Silver Solution, that we believe have been made available to this generation by God. We believe in providing practical tools and supplies to prepare for the end-times, in connection with the solicitation of funds for the ministry.

Today, Woodall went even further on Bakker’s show, saying that the credit card companies who stopped working with them were actually stealing cash from God.

Our credit card processors, immediately, within less than 48 hours, closed all of our processing. We, overnight, no new donations could come in. Overnight, they held — they have credit in reserve and it was held — our finances, that you have given us, you know, that’s the finances… And, you know, God spoke to me today and He says, “Don’t be deceived, Maricela. They… This isn’t… This isn’t the ministry that they’ve come against. They’ve come against My people that I have asked them to give on behalf… to further the kingdom of God.”

This is God’s money!

The grift never falls far from the tree… or the employee hierarchy.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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