Here’s Trump’s “Spiritual Adviser” Paula White Dancing Like a Bee for Jesus May 11, 2020

Here’s Trump’s “Spiritual Adviser” Paula White Dancing Like a Bee for Jesus

White House “spiritual adviser” and head of the government’s “Faith and Opportunity Initiative” program Paula White has used her position to praise Donald Trump at all costs… and make money in the process.

During a Mother’s Day service on Sunday, she decided to go in a slightly different direction, praising queen bees (like the biblical Deborah, she said), patting herself on the back for calling on God to end the pandemic, and… dancing.

I can’t even transcribe this since it’s just word vomit. So just watch.

Someone needs to explain Christianity to me. I don’t get the appeal.

This is the woman advising the president.

This is what white evangelicals bought themselves when they sold their souls for Trump in 2016.

This is what they’re doing with the power they always dreamed about.

Congratulations, I suppose…?

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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