David Barton Praises Trump for Ignoring Medical Professionals in COVID Response May 6, 2020

David Barton Praises Trump for Ignoring Medical Professionals in COVID Response

Leave it to Christian pseudo-historian David Barton to praise Donald Trump‘s handling of the coronavirus specially because he’s not always listening to the experts.

Not listening to people who understand the material, of course, is David Barton’s entire schtick.

I think he’s done an excellent job [of], something we discussed earlier, not letting medical professionals run everything. Because the medical people are still telling him “You need to keep this thing going, you need to not back it down.”

He said, “No, business is important. Life is important. People working is important. Mental health is important.”

We know he’s getting a lot of stats from other places, not just doctors, and the doctors often times, especially guys that are in this kind of field, can really get micro-focused on all that they do, and they don’t know all the other unintended consequences.

So I think Trump has done a very good job of holding his doctors at arm’s length, embracing them when he needed to, but keeping the federalism aspect really good. I think he’s done an excellent job.

More than 60,000 people are dead because Trump and the Republican Party ignored medical professionals.

Some Christian Right activists are still ignoring them today, demanding their churches be allowed to host large gatherings… or hosting them, anyway, even when they’re told not to.

More people will die because Christians who claim to be “pro-life” don’t want to listen to epidemiologists and front-line medical professionals trying to sound the alarm about the seriousness of this pandemic.

David Barton is so full of shit that even a Christian publisher had to pull his book about Thomas Jefferson from the shelves because he lied too much. The people who publish 2384723 editions of the Bible looked at Barton’s work and concluded they couldn’t defend the content. And yet Barton is still a right-wing darling because he constantly pretends history backs up whatever conclusions he arrives at ahead of time.

To pretend Trump has acted wisely when evidence of his disastrous response is all around us is just more proof Barton shouldn’t be trusted.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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