Is This Supposed to Be Cute? In Viral Video, a Four-Year-Old Preaches About God. May 5, 2020

Is This Supposed to Be Cute? In Viral Video, a Four-Year-Old Preaches About God.

I wonder how many U.S. Christians would look with approval and tenderness at a video of a four-year-old Islamic boy preaching, passionately improvising some message from the Qur’an.

Most would rightfully shake their heads over the spectacle of a tyke just three feet tall waving a copy of a Richard Dawkins book and loudly sharing the good news about godlessness.

We’d hear angry comments about brainwashing, grumblings about stuffing kids’ heads with propaganda, and grave concerns about instilling fanaticism.

But a four-year-old girl giving fiery testimony on how great the Christian God is, that‘s cuteness personified.

This tiny tot preaching the gospel is the good news you needed to hear. Harmony Love posted a video to Facebook of her 4-year-old daughter, Grace Love, delivering a passionate sermon on April 24 from their home in Eight Mile, Alabama.

Grace, donning a beautiful off-white dress, delivered her message about how “God is a superhero” as her sisters, Amazin, 5, and Mercy, 2, are seen applauding her in the video.

Grace’s powerful message has garnered tens of thousands of views on Facebook.

Christians talk a good game about free will, but in my experience it’s atheists who put their money where their mouth is. That is, I don’t know any kids who, growing up in a household of freethinkers, were spoonfed godless precepts day in and day out. None were forced to say thanks to Charles Darwin before each meal. None were made to talk reverently to a picture of Christopher Hitchens every night before bed. None were sent to weekly atheism classes from an early age (or any age). None were enrolled in atheism schools where the collected works of H.L. Mencken, Daniel Dennett, and Sam Harris featured heavily on the curriculum.

It’s ironic that the faithful… have no real faith. Not, at least, in letting their brood find their own way to the divine. They literally don’t trust their all-powerful God enough to gently impress Himself on the blank slates that are children’s minds. Just to be safe, the adults feel they constantly have to run religious drills on the kids.

Parents who are religious know that the objectively crazy stories from their holy texts will make a huge impression only on younger children; and that if they don’t daily pressure the kids into fully adopting the tribe’s beliefs by age 13 or 14, it’s probably too late.

Early indoctrination is the lifeblood of any major faith. The propagation and success of religion depends upon incessant inculcation almost from birth. This result is achieved through authority and relentless repetition.

To me, that’s the opposite of cute.

(Bottom image from “How to Suck at Your Religion” by the Oatmeal.)

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