OH Lawmaker Who Blamed Mass Shooting on Trans People and Atheists Loses Primary May 2, 2020

OH Lawmaker Who Blamed Mass Shooting on Trans People and Atheists Loses Primary

Last August, after a mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio, Republican State Rep. Candice Keller blamed the incident on LGBTQ people, video games, marijuana, bad parents, godlessness, “fatherlessness,” people who “can’t accept” Donald Trump, and more.

She quickly made that post private.

Besides that, she also compared Planned Parenthood to Nazis and called for the execution of abortion providers.

At the time of that Facebook post, she was in the process of running for State Senate. You will be relieved to learn that Keller lost her primary race this week.

Her increasing extremism was met with widespread dismay by other Ohio politicians, with even members of the Republican party calling on Keller to resign. But she refused, saying that the response to her rant was from “establishment moderates.”

“As the only conservative in this race, I will be taking my Senate campaign to the voters to decide,” she wrote at the time.

And now the voters have decided, with Keller losing big to State Representative George Lang in a three-way primary. About half of the votes went to Lang, with the rest split between Keller and a third candidate.

You know you’re an extremist when other Republicans are telling you to simmer down.

Thankfully, Keller’s bigotry will no longer be infesting the state legislature. She gave up her seat in the State House to run for State Senate and the gamble didn’t pay off. She’ll be out of the Capitol after the elections.

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