City Where Church Opened Prematurely Just Saw 23 Walmart Workers Get Infected May 1, 2020

City Where Church Opened Prematurely Just Saw 23 Walmart Workers Get Infected

A Walmart superstore in Worcester, Massachusetts (population 186,000) was ordered closed after almost two dozen employees tested positive for the virus.

[O]fficials shuttered the superstore Wednesday when 23 essential workers — not equipped with protective gear — became infected with the potentially deadly virus. … The city said its 1,986 confirmed cases of COVID-19 marked an increase of 76 from just a day earlier.

If you’ll recall, Worcester is where Pastor Kris Casey of the Adams Square Baptist Church boldly took a stand for the Lord when, violating state guidelines, he reopened his church last Sunday — and vowed to keep it open.

On that proud occasion, Casey said

Nobody has the right to tell us not to worship. A lot of people, they’re willing to go with whatever the government says.

Not he! His overriding priority, Casey explained, isn’t to stop the virus or to listen to earthly authority, but to submit to God. He wants to be, in his memorable words,

“…biblically right and biblically correct.”

Is there a causal connection between the Walmart outbreak and Casey’s church? No one knows. We can only speculate about the possible vectors of disease between his congregation and the infected store employees, some of whom have now most likely infected shoppers and loved ones in turn, and so on and so forth.

What we do know is that Casey and his ilk aren’t helping, to put it mildly; also, that he isn’t afraid of spreading death. If his church is now, or will soon be, a veritable corona petri dish, the good pastor comes out ahead regardless. Either he and his gang survive and they’ll praise God, or they die while congratulating themselves that they were “biblically correct” till the end.

There’s another viral epidemic that must be countered and contained. It doesn’t affect the lungs, but it rots the brain. I’ll give you a hint: it starts with an R.

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