A Christian Terrorist Says She Should Be Appointed Tennessee’s Attorney General May 1, 2020

A Christian Terrorist Says She Should Be Appointed Tennessee’s Attorney General

A Christian terrorist wants to become Tennessee’s new attorney general.

There’s already someone else in the position. He isn’t resigning. And she’s not even an attorney. But it doesn’t matter because she wants the damn job anyway.

Here’s the backstory from my perspective: In 2017, a statue of famed lawyer Clarence Darrow went up outside the Rhea County Courthouse in Dayton, Tennessee, site of the infamous Scopes Monkey Trial. (There was already a statue at the site of the anti-evolution lawyer William Jennings Bryan.)

Darrow’s inclusion angered a lot of local Christians, including activist June Griffin, who suggested to a reporter that she might vandalize the new statue with spray paint. It got worse on Facebook. In addition to a profile picture in which the then-78-year-old Griffin was holding a gun, she threatened the atheists installing the statue, saying “You will get a nice surprise when you dare to step on sacred grounds of OUR Courthouse.”

I gave her a phone call at the time asking her to clarify the statement, thinking it would’ve been easy for her to say she wasn’t actually threatening violence. She refused. When I directly asked her if she planned to bring weapons to the statue’s unveiling, she said, “It wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you.”

There was thankfully no violence that day. But you bet your ass there was police presence there.

I haven’t given her much thought since yesterday, when I learned she was pitching herself as the state’s new attorney general:

Why I should be Tenn. Atty. General
1. I singlehandedly defended God and the Bible in the Tenn. Sodomy Case
2. I singlehandedly sued the IRS and gained increased deductions on inheritance tax, saving farms and estates all over the nation.
3. I singlehandedly represented God and the Bible at the UN Millennial Religious Summit.
4. I singlehandedly gained Tenn. Counties for their Right to Post the Ten Commandments.
5. I singlehandedly removed the foreign flag from an illegal’s grocery store.

She seems delightful, no?

Her supposed qualifications for the job include her insistence on living in a Christian theocracy, hating immigrants, and whatever the hell #4 is supposed to mean. It’s not entirely out of reach, though. Unlike other states where the AG is elected by the people, selected by the governor, or chosen by the legislature, Tennessee is unique in that it allows its Supreme Court to appoint someone to that position.

But it’s unlikely that the state’s highest court will replace the current pick for a deranged activist who thinks her Christianity and bigotry are perfect qualifications to do the job.

(Thanks to Elizabeth for the link)

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