Egged On By Tony Spell’s Mom, Christians Jam Police Department’s Phone Line April 30, 2020

Egged On By Tony Spell’s Mom, Christians Jam Police Department’s Phone Line

Pastor Tony Spell and his gang keep finding new ways to put everyone in danger.

The police department of the city of Central, Louisiana kept getting inundated with calls from Christians yesterday after Spell’s mother, Magi Spell (what, no c?), posted the department’s phone number on her Facebook page under the message FREE PASTOR TONY SNELL. Further down, she also posted the numbers for Attorney General Bill Barr and President Donald Trump.

The White House and the DoJ are set up to receive large volumes of calls, but the Central PD isn’t. Whether she intended to or not, Magi Spell’s post had the effect of jamming the department’s phone line so that citizens with actual police business, including emergencies, couldn’t get through.

Chief Roger Corcoran issued a mea culpa, even though he and his officers weren’t to blame:

I would like to apologize to our Citizens of Central for any inconvenience you may encounter in reaching our department by phone. Magi Spell, mother of Pastor Tony Spell of Life Tabernacle Church has posted the Central Police Department’s phone number on her Facebook page encouraging everyone to call our Department. This phone number is the line we receive all of our calls on including our emergency calls from Citizens needing our assistance or help due to a life changing emergency. If you can not reach us due to our lines being tied up please keep trying. If you have an emergency please call 911. Again we are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

What will the Snells’ group of Typhoid Marys think of next to put others in harm’s way? Randomly firing AR-15s from the bell tower? Dropping a little sarin in the water supply? Far-fetched and unlikely, sure, but the correct answer isn’t no way, I reckon; it’s “only when they believe their Lord commands it.”

If you think there’s a meaningful distinction between spreading a deadly infection and spraying gunfire willy-nilly, let me know.

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