Dennis Prager: COVID Lockdown Is “Greatest Mistake in the History of Humanity” April 29, 2020

Dennis Prager: COVID Lockdown Is “Greatest Mistake in the History of Humanity”

What could reasonably qualify as the biggest mistake in human history?

Napoleon invading Russia? Driver Leopold Lojka unleashing World War I by taking a wrong turn? Blockbuster turning down the chance to buy Netflix for cheap? Kanye West?

Not according to conservative radio host Dennis Prager, who’s certain that it’s… the coronavirus lockdown!

Prager, an idiot savant without the savant part, has a history of losing track of reality.

He insisted that saying “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy holidays” is a form of patriotism, and says that using the latter phrase is tantamount to heathen children letting people drown.

He believes you can’t be a sane person unless you believe in an afterlife.

He thinks atheists can’t truly know that murder is wrong.

He once thundered that “the news media in the West pose a far greater danger to Western civilization than Russia does,” and that the fact that straight people can and do get AIDS “has been entirely manufactured by the Left.”

He complained that YouTube, which hosts the firebrand videos that are the sum total of his “Prager University,” censors conservative voices — a charge borne out neither by the one billion annual views he claims to get, nor by a critical look at the substance of the allegation.

Prager’s hyperbole is frequently severe. He testified that marriage equality “signifies the decline of Western civilization.”

And now we have his clownish take on the COVID lockdown.

Much of Twitter relished giving him a drubbing last night. Some used potty humor; others, like the author Kurt Eichenwald, struck a more somber if sarcastic tone. Above a photo of a 1918 Philadelphia parade — a mass event that contributed greatly to a second wave of the deadly Spanish Flu — he wrote this:

Regarding Prager, I was briefly tempted to quote the old reminder about engaging one’s brain before opening one’s mouth. But I’d be afraid to learn that he did fully use his gray matter, and that we’re seeing its unfortunate effluvia trickle into the national discourse, like a stupidity toxin or, say, a bleach drip into a COVID patient’s arm.

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